TPMS insertion tools

For RDK systems and standard rubber valves

All the insertion tools shown here work according to the push-in principle. This means that the valves, with TPMS transmitter or standard rubber valve, are pressed into the rim with the valve cap fitted, exactly aligned with the rim bore. This results in a considerable time advantage during series assembly.

This standard tool (picture 6) places, in contrast to existing devices, the rubber valve with mounted cap by pressing it into the rim. It is characterized by easy handling and universal use on steel or aluminum rims. It is robust and maintenance-free, thanks to simple design.

The tool for tire pressure sensors (TPMS) was specially developed to be able to mount snap-in tire pressure sensors from Schrader, Antrim (UK) in almost all rim types. In the meantime, other insertion tools for TPMS systems from other manufacturers are also available. 

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